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Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

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  •         Fiberglass Full Face Helmet Features
    • NRR 19 noise reduction rating (over 65% noise reduction at ears)
    • High quality lightweight fiberglass shell
    • High density EPS Styrofoam helmet padding
    • Inner lining and pads made of a soft moisture wicking material
    • Comfortable washable lining and pads
    • India quick release buckle on chin strap
    • Meets or exceeds: DOT FMVSS 218


    • Around ear noise reduction muffs incorporated into helmet design               ($60.00 value)
    • Air line plumbing system to force earmuffs to seal around ears installed      ($50.00 value)
    • HD helmet speaker installed in earmuffs with speaker line to cell phone       ($60.00 value)
    • Extra smoke tinted windshield for sunny days included in box                     ($29.95 value)
  • TotaL value of exclusive features                                                                (199.95)                                                                                                                                      

Helmet design is more toward round design. As a rule of thumb, you should order same size helmet (M,L,XL,or XXL) that fits your head at the present time. If helmet does not fit, you can return for larger or smaller size.


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  1. Amazing difference

    Posted by Wade Stewart on 30th Nov 2017

    This has helmet has been an amazing addition to my gear. I can't believe how quiet it keeps things, I'm thinking of wearing it around the house to drown out the kids it's that good.

  2. Nice helmet for the price

    Posted by Jim on 4th Nov 2017

    I guess the most important part of the review would be how quiet is it. It's pretty quiet but on my sport bike I do get some wind noise at highway speeds I think mostly from the way the bodywork directs the airflow upwards under the helmet. I'm not crazy about the buckle instead of traditional double D rings, that's the reason for only 4 stars. I have to use the tightest setting and it rubs under my chin a little when I look down. Overall I would recommend it and would buy again. Al is great to work with as all have said, I had to exchange for a different size and it was no problem. I was wearing an HJC and had to go down one size for the Quiet Ride.

  3. Goodbye Earplugs

    Posted by Jim Smith on 24th Aug 2017

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Jim Smith rides: 1982 Kawasaki GPz750

    I had been looking at the Quiet Ride helmet for a while. I ride a few comparatively loud bikes: A 1982 Kawasaki GPz750 with a 4 into1, an XS650 café bike with aftermarket pipes and a 1974 Kawasaki H1 triple with chambers. This summer I went on two all-day rides, one to North Carolina and the other to Tennessee. Both rides I struggled with using ear buds with my phone navigation. They work OK for about five miles or so and then inevitably fall out. Or, they would dislodge just enough to let all kinds of wind and engine noise in while allowing me to barely hear the GPS instructions. Needless to say I made several stops to re-adjust and put the ear buds back in. This involved stopping, pulling off the gloves and helmet only to lose the piece of the ear bud that holds it in. Not to mention the ear buds still allowed too much ambient noise and were a poor replacement for quality foam earplugs. After my trip to TN I had had enough and I ordered the Quiet Ride helmet.
    Out of the box I was impressed with the quality. I have been using a Shoei Qwest and the Quiet Ride helmet compares nicely. The included chin skirt, darkened visor and breath guard are nice touches. (I had to buy those separately for the Shoei). I put it on, plugged in my phone and went for a ride. I was very happy with the results. You get the noise cancelling of foam earplugs (without the fuss) with the added benefit of being able to listen to music at normal volume levels. Heck, I can even listen to podcasts or talk radio which is something I could not do before. All without the pain of having to stop and re-insert the ear buds.
    Well worth the money, a bargain, in fact and I will be recommending the Quiet Ride to my friends at our next Bike Night.
    Jim Smith

    Not part of the review but a suggestion. I would love to have a shield in gold. They seem to work well in sunlight and at night. I hate having to swap face shields and I often leave or come home after dark. Although I have to say the darkened visor provided works really well at night too. Oh, and if there is ever a Bluetooth upgrade I'm in!

    Jim Smith
    Cumming, Georgia
    August 23, 2017

  4. This is the quietest helmet I’ve owned

    Posted by Gerald Steinhagen on 21st Jul 2017

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Gerald Steinhagen rides: 2007 Harley VRSCR

    Greetings from the Yukon,
    I recently purchased the Quit Ride full face fiberglass helmet.
    I am very impressed with the speed of delivery, especially all the way to the Yukon. The helmet itself is of great quality and very comfortable, as advertised.
    I finally had a chance to test it out on a ride, (in the rain). I’ve been buying helmets since 1977, and I can honestly say this is the quietest helmet I’ve owned.
    High marks all around to Quiet Ride and Alvin Halfaker.

    Gerald Steinhagen
    Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
    July 20th 2017

  5. I have enjoyed this helmet and plan to wear it as my main one.

    Posted by John Bullard on 5th May 2017

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    John Bullard rides: R1150RT

    I have enjoyed this helmet and plan to wear it as my main one. I appreciate it’s light weight. The chin strap is different from the double D rings I’m used to but I’ve gotten used to it. It would be great for my wife who struggles with the rings.
    I’ve used the helmet on two bikes. One is an older BMW R65 without a fairing and windshield. Your helmet makes a big difference from the other helmets I have when used on this standard/naked bike. I use ear plugs as well to make it that much quieter.
    My other bike, a BMW R1150RT, has posed some challenges, some of which can’t be cured with any helmet. It has an aftermarket (Cee Bailey) windscreen which is a few inches taller than standard. I get a lot of buffeting. With the ear muffs pumped up, it seems to magnify the drum like sound the buffeting causes. I assume this is because this makes the helmet have a more direct connection with the structure around my ears. So there is a balance between pumping the ear muffs up enough but not too much. There seems to be a lot of wind noise through the top vent and around the face shield that I don’t notice when on the bike without a windshield. When I open the visor everything is very quiet. I assume this is the way the air is deflected by the windshield.
    Photo is of my R1150RT and my son’s DRZ400SM at Big Lynn Lodge in Little Switzerland, NC. Blue Ridge Pkwy is second road in the background.

    John Bullard
    Atlanta, Georgia
    May 4th 2017

  6. I am now able to ride my bike and listen to audio books

    Posted by Leon Peterson on 5th Apr 2017

    Hello Alvin,
    I recently purchased the Quiet Ride Helmet and would like to let you know that I am incredibly pleased. I commute 50 miles to my job and I listen to audio books to pass the time. I stopped riding my bike because I couldn't hear the books, as soon as I put on the helmet I could tell the difference without pumping it up. I have been able to hear the audio books better than when listening in my car. I am amazed at how well the helmet works. I am now able to ride my bike and listen to audio books, music and at a much lower level that is comfortable to my ears. With my old helmets I would have to slow to about 45 miles an hour to hear anything, any faster and I couldn't hear over the wind. I was very pleased to be able to ride at the speed limit and hear everything. I had to test it and see how fast I could go and still hear my books over the wind. I won't say how fast I went and with the bike I have (Suzuki Hayabusa) I went plenty fast. Let's just say I am completely sold and completely love your helmet. Thank you for making such a great product.

    Leon Peterson
    Thatcher, Arizona
    April 5th, 2017

  7. The Quiet Ride Helmet met my needs

    Posted by Kevin Wortmann on 18th Mar 2017

    I purchased the Quiet Ride Helmet to protect my ears from the potentially damaging road noise associated with riding a motorcycle. I ride a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Custom with Cobra Dragster exhaust (very loud). The bike drowns out almost all of the wind noise at highway speeds. I make a 25 minute commute to work everyday and was looking for an alternative to the foam earplugs.

    The Quiet Ride Helmet met my needs. Although the foam earplugs I was using had a decibel noise reduction rating of 29, I was still experiencing more noise than I preferred. I believe this was mostly due to the difficulty in keeping the foam earplugs properly seated after placing a helmet over my head. Although the Quiet Ride Helmet has a decibel noise reduction rating of 19, I experienced better noise reduction with the helmet as opposed to the foam earplugs. Again I believe this was due primarily to the difficulty in keeping the earplugs seated properly.

    As a bonus to the noise reduction, I now also have the ability to listen to music while on a ride. I've never used earbuds or a speaker system inside a helmet before, but was impressed with the sound quality from the earmuffs inside the helmet.

    Thanks for a great product!

  8. The earmuff system flat works, and makes this helmet the one to buy for this rider

    Posted by Richard Van Rheen on 3rd Jan 2017

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Richard Van Rheen Rides: 2008 Suzuki DL 650

    I ordered a fiberglass full face road helmet in mid December and received helmet 3 working days later. Helmet arrived in perfect condition

    Fit is good for my rounder head and true to the size of my last 3 helmets.
    Workmanship and general quality of materials is very good,
    Comfortable once you get it on, compatible with wearing glasses.
    Ratchet buckle arrangement goes on easily and comes off very easily.
    Good visor clarity and lack of distortion. Useful partial open detents.
    Helmet bag and extra , tinted visor is included.
    Hardwired (included) connection to and from smart phone works well
    Good field of vision.
    Standard speakers are adequate for me.

    Tends to fog glasses more than usual in cold weather.
    Available only in black, no high Visibility option.
    3 large non removable logos decorate this helmet , some might consider this as an advantage

    An average mid market helmet with what, as far as I can tell, is the only system to significantly reduce noise to a level that allows you to protect your hearing without wearing earplugs. If you listen to music or use a communication system it is the only system that allows safe speaker levels.

    The earmuff system flat works, and makes this helmet the one to buy for this rider.

    Rich Van Rheen
    West Linn, Oregon 97068
    January 1st, 2017

  9. I have been riding since 1972 & can no longer take higher DB sounds

    Posted by Glenn and Betty Campbell on 29th Nov 2016

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Glen and Betty Campbell Rides: 2009 Spyder

    My wife & I absolutely love our Quiet Ride Fiberglass Helmets. Even though our Spyder isn't all that loud, road noise & winds at cruising speeds can be. Just a handful of pumps on the inflator & these unpleasant noises are greatly muffled. I have been riding since 1972 & can no longer take higher DB sounds. In addition to making our Spyder rides much quieter, I did some severe testing around my wood shop & find that even a planner or circular saw don't bother me at all when wearing the Quiet Rides. Al is a real standup guy & I believe he has a fantastic design here. Do your ears & tinnitus a big favor & get one if these excellent quality helmets. Even without the ear muffs inflated, they reduce damaging noises greatly. Many times when you turn your head & break the seal of the helmet formed to your face, the wind noise will scream at you - with the ear muffs pumped up, this absolutely does not happen.

    Glenn & Betty Campbell
    Altoona, Pennsylvania

  10. The helmet itself exceeded my expectations

    Posted by Michael Slocum on 13th Nov 2016

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Michael Slocum Rides: 2013 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan Classic

    I found out about the Quiet Ride helmet by reading a product review in the October 2016 issue of the CMA Heartbeat the monthly magazine of the Christian Motorcycle Association. It was a very thorough and positive review. I pretty much decided after reading the review that I would buy a helmet. I appreciate a vendor with a customer service orientation and my first call to Al with my questions revealed a firm that could be trusted.
    The helmet itself exceeded my expectations. It is a flawless piece of work. Brand new out of the box, great looking and impressive. Obviously a work of quality. Everything worked as advertised and I had a *wonderful* first ride. Had to remind myself I was on my bike and not going down the road in my car with the windows open.
    The visor fogged up as well as my glasses and my understanding is that is the nature of full face helmets. They clear up after 3-4 seconds but that is 3-4 seconds going down the road barely able to see. The solution to open the visor a notch or two and leave it there. That solved the problem. I will also try some retail anti-fogging solution.
    Michael Slocum
    Vassar, Michigan

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